Is there real MONEY to be made in Affiliate Marketing.

I love YouTube. When I need to see something done so I can do it also – I use YouTube. When I just want to see what is going on in a niche I use YouTube. My favorites are videos about woodworking “how-to”, national and political news and commentary, making Cos-play costumes and many many other things.

Recently on my “recommended” feed on my home page a young fellow’s video showed up about earning $100 per day on YouTube without making videos. I thought is sounded scammy and watched it so that I could “red flag” him if he deserved it. Well, the video was poor quality but better than mine since I didn’t make one. It wasn’t a scam, it was just a notification. Hey, there are these people who don’t make their own videos and they make good money. Here is kind of what they do. He did have a disclaimer, involving the facts that the people who do this have to work hard, release good content daily and that it might take several months before you earn your first nickel doing this. I liked the fact that he encouraged you to get started and had a few caveat warnings like getting permission before starting a fan page compilation.

I was intrigued so I listened to one more – the site is Millionaire by 21 by Andrew Monheim – about 10 websites that pay $100 a day. Turns out you have to work for it and YouTube was one of his websites. Amazon affiliates was also. Once upon a time I made about $15 a month promoting the sale of one particular book on a website I owned.

I decided to try my hand at affiliate marketing beginning with Amazon and branching out from there. But only on things I know are good and that I have used myself or seen used by others. I will make YouTube videos about the process and link to those videos here. First up will be registering. see you in the next post.

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